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This revolutionary technology now allows printing directly on to cotton material. Great for both light & dark colors. With a super soft feel to the touch.

  • Bright Vibrant Colors
  • Soft To The Touch
  • Breathable
  • Water Repellent
  • Good Wash-ability
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Application Directions:
1. Pre Press the garment with your professional grade heat press for 5-8 seconds to eliminate wrinkles & moisture.
2. Place the CottonSub with the rough side down on top of the garment.
3. MIRROR PRINT your design on sublimation paper.
4. If using a COLORED shirt, make sure your design completely covers the CottonSub or goes a little OUTSIDE the material so no white is visible after application. If using a WHITE shirt make sure your design stays INSIDE the material to eliminate Ghosting.
5. Put the printed sublimation paper over the CottonSub. Press at 375-385 degrees for 60 seconds, any temperature Peel is fine. If using Adhesive sublimation paper a delayed peel is best.
Wait at least 24 hours before washing. Turn inside out when you laundry. For longer lasting, Best Results Hand Wash, Inside Out. After application Do Not Iron on top of the CottonSub, direct heat will reactivate the ink. If you need to press it, do it inside out as well. If ironing on top of material put parchment, butcher or regular paper on top of the CottonSub & iron as needed.

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