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Some Products & Services can be acquired on a SAME DAY/RUSHED schedule.  Eventhough our normal turnaround times are 24-48 hours in most sitations, and that usually works for the majority of people.  Some folks need products & services on short notice.  In those situations, if time and productivity allows, we will provide Same Day Service.   

Below is a list of our Most Popular products & service that may be available for a fee.  PLEASE CHECK BEFORE SENDING PAYMENTS.  You should ONLY be using this portion of the website if a STAFF MEMBER sent you a Direct Link or you were instructed by someone on location to pay a SAME DAY/RUSH FEE.

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We have more Products & Services coming to help our Supporters Stay Fresh, Stay Informed & Ahead of the Game. Also Coming Soon, from our detailed field studies The Best Products to offer our Creative Customers that need Quality supplies at reasonable prices, so they can make More Money.