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Our full cover, full color 40x60" Throw Blankets are crafted of 100% Flannel Polyester, designed to be soft, lightweight, yet durable and non-shedding; we use the All Over Sublimation process to decorate them.  These make ideal presents for any occasion, including memorials, college send-offs, baby blankets, birthdays, holidays & so much more!

Our Throw Blankets are machine washable and highly resistant to fading, shrinking and wrinkling.  So even after years of usage, your people are going to love you for gifting them a quaity collectible; a one off they'll cherish for years to come.

Graphic Design Services are automatically included with the purchase of this item.  Upload your images (5 Maximum) & instructions in the space provided, & please be detailed as possbile.

If you don't need design services, just a picture to the blanket, in the drop down option, make that selection & upload your picture.  That will save you $30.

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Throw Blanket
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